Special Events - Full Party Payment

Full Pole Party Payment
Don't have time to fool with Pole Party deposits or balances? Already confirmed a date and time for your party with Sabrina? Then go ahead and make one single payment!

Pay for your entire pole party upfront. If you've already spoken with Sabrina to confirm a date and time for your party and would like to pay the full amount for those attending in advance. Please use the dropdown to indicate the number of girls you are paying for. When submitting your payment, please be sure to fill in the notes box on the PayPal page to indicate who this party is for, your contact number and the date/time of the party.

No. of Girls Attending: 
Party Name: 
Party Type: 
Party Coordinator (Your Name): 
Contact Number (Mobile): 
Email Address for Pictures: 
Party Date: 
Party Time:  :
All payments must be confirmed with Sabrina.
Please contact her at 336.253.7023 in order to have your payment processed.

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